A Few Words On Creating A Pitch

With the next quarterly #PitMad event happening tomorrow, I thought I'd pull together a list of some useful blog posts and articles on the art of creating a short pitch. Because it IS an art, and it is a skill. But more importantly, it is a skill that can be learned. Yes, some people do have an instinct for it, while others stare at a blank Word page, wondering if another cup of coffee might pull the jumble of thoughts in their head into a streamlined, sensible, coherent, attention-grabbing pitch. And truthfully, even if you are someone who doesn't ordinarily struggle with pitch-writing, you might experience a block on the project in question. Some projects have a more readily identifiable hook, while others are hard to pin down. But with hard work, practice, and some research, you can do it.

Check out some of these articles. I've gone to many of these sites for inspiration.

Nathan Bransford: How to Write A One-Sentence Pitch

Brenda Drake: 35-Word Pitches and Twitter Pitches Simplified

Rachel Gardner: Pitching Your Novel 

Traci Chee: Pitch Structure 

Diana Urban: How PitMad Helped Me Get an Agent and Tips For The Next One 

Best of luck!