Photo by Shanna Kreza Photography

Photo by Shanna Kreza Photography


Jeanmarie Anaya grew up in Rockaway Beach, New York, where she learned that surfing, skateboarding, swimming, and sitting on lifeguard chairs after dark are the best ways to spend your teenage years. She was one of those kids who read books with flashlights under the covers, long after her mom and dad told her to turn out the damn light. Her fifth grade teacher once told her she'd make a wonderful writer, but she didn't believe it until much later in life. Because obviously there's room for only one Judy Blume in the world.


Jeanmarie attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and a rather ironic dislike of college football. When a guidance counselor told her that a career practicing law would perfectly compliment her love of reading and writing, Jeanmarie fell for it and attended Brooklyn Law School. She's been mourning the years she lost with her nose buried in case law and contracts ever since. Eventually, she realized there's more to life than law firms, so she traded her heels for flip flops and went to work in her family's surf and skate business.

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When she's not working, Jeanmarie writes contemporary realistic fiction for young adults. Her stories involve girls with heart. Some are tough, some are weak, some are funny, and some only think they are. But mostly, there's a little bit of you in every one of them.

Jeanmarie is represented by Jessica Sinsheimer of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency.